Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Eps 16: How Do You Change the World?

January 2, 2015

Guest Hosts: 

Kevin Ryan, Program Director, New York Foundation
Tynesha McHarris, Director of Community Leadership, Brooklyn Community Foundation


1. Lessons from Other Cities: Gentrification isn't unique to Brooklyn, NYC, or even the USA. What does gentrification look like in Black and Brown communities outside of Central Brooklyn? And what are the lessons we can learn from other cities with changing economic climates?

2. Inside/Outside Game: We're tackling an age-old community organizing question: is it best to fight for social justice change from inside or outside the system? While we're at it, what constitutes, "the system," and on what side of the line do government, foundations, media and nonprofit organizations fall?

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup