Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

What’s Third Rail?

March 5, 2016

Third Rail podcast is where Brooklyn Deep deconstructs hot topics and social justice issues that impact the lives of Central Brooklynites.

Podcast Host/Producer: Veralyn, Brooklyn Deep’s Managing Editor, has been tackling questions about identity, social norms, and community since she picked up her first microphone 10 years ago. This multimedia-social-justice journalist can be found discussing life as a Sierra Leonean-American in Brooklyn @VeralynMedia.

Podcast Host/Producer: Mark, Brooklyn Deep’s Executive Editor, has been doing social justice and community development thangs in NYC for over two decades. You can connect with this dazed parent, movement plotter, serial social entrepreneur, and wannabe runner at @GriffithMW.

Podcast Engineer: Keisha, "TastyKeish," has been active in media from the FM dial at WBAI to the web where she is owner/Producer at Bondfire Radio an independent radio station in Brooklyn, New York. TastyKeish is dedicated to helping people tell their stories in a world they are often not heard. Learn more at and

Into Music: "City Survival" by MC K-Swift featuring TreZure Empire (