Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

TR Express: In moments like these


We've been here before. Trying to process how easily black people die at the hands of police; how easily hashtags pile up: #DelrawnSmall #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile; and needing to find a way forward through it all.

Third Rail pauses to check-in with Anthonine Pierre (Brooklyn Movement Center's Lead Community Organizer) and Ryann Holmes (Bklyn Boihood Co-founder) about the impact of this moment (which includes five Dallas officers being killed) and how Central Brooklyn moves forward.

If you need a community base or resource for an initiative you are taking on, contact the Brooklyn Movement Center at or Bklyn Boihood here.

TR Express: Impact of Orlando on Central Brooklyn


On June 12, 2016, a mass shooting terrorist attack occurred inside a gay nightclub, in Orlando, FL. The shooting resulted in 50 deaths, including the gunman, who was killed by police. Another 53 people were injured. 

In this "express" episode, Brooklyn Deep reporter Jarrett Lyons shares what he's been hearing at various vigils and community gatherings around the city. And Tasha Amezcua (SOS Program Coordinator, Audre Lorde Project) & Z Bell (Membership organizer, Brooklyn Movement Center) join us to discuss how the Central Brooklyn's LGBTQ community is grieving, healing, and thinking through what it means to be safe.

TR Express: Remembering Revolutionary Prince


On Thursday, April 21st, we lost the legendary musician Prince. Today we paused to remember and reflect on his revolutionary career.

Third Rail Express: What if the Charleston Massacre happened in Central Brooklyn?


On Thursday, June 17th, Dylann Roof a white, 21-year-old man allegedly entered Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina during their evening bible study. And after one hour, Roof stood up and opened fire, fatally shooting 6 women and 3 men. BMC staff share their initial reaction to this news and ask what we would do if the next domestic terror attack on black America happened in Central Brooklyn?

Third Rail Express: Tell ‘Em Why You Mad XL


Tell 'Em Why You Mad XL: We're taking this occasion of our first anniversary to reflect on TEWYM. What makes us pick the things we share on air? What are we mad about today? And of course, what are YOU all mad about?

Third Rail Express: #IndictTheSystem


#IndictTheSystem: We discuss the non indictment of both cops who killed an unarmed Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Gardner in Staten Island, and the on-going protesting that has followed these grand jury decisions. And we ask what does real social justice organizing look like in this moment?

Third Rail Express: Calling out the New York Times

We react to TV critic Alessandra Stanley's critique of Shonda Rhimes in last Sunday's New York Times. We call out the "newspaper of record" for allowing Stanley to mis-analyze and reduce Rhime's complex Black women heroines to "Angry Black Women" stereotypes.

Third Rail Express: On the ground in Ferguson

On the ground in Ferguson: During the week of August 18th, Bed-Stuy resident Dante Barry (Deputy Director, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice) was in Ferguson, Missouri and he sat down with Third Rail reporter and co-founding BMC member, Alan Smith (Co-Host, Baltimorons) to give us a perspective from Ferguson, that mainstream media isn't covering.