Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Eps 23: Off the Rails


This month we bring our Third Rail conversations to the stoop! And take on two questions we just KNOW, many Central Brooklyn residents have asked themselves while traveling NYC.


Marlon KingBrooklyn Bike Crew
Jeanmarie “Mimi” TheobaldsRiders Alliance


1. Why does the C train hate us?
Those of us who take the C train regularly have seen it all: 20 minute waiting times during rush hour, overcrowded trains and poor station maintenance. On this month's show, we wonder, what could the good people of Brooklyn have done to make the C train hate us so?

2. Are more Black people biking in Central Brooklyn?
Biking is an activity which, over the past decade, has become synonymous with gentrification. But surely Black residents who've always lived in Central Brooklyn bike too? We're taking a look at the tenuous racial politics around one of our favorite pastimes.

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup