Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Local: Inside Airbnb in Central Brooklyn


Airbnb and the home sharing revolution has landed, with Brooklyn being the most popular destination for Airbnb travelers in the country. Central Brooklyn in particular, has become a hot spot, with tourists from Europe and around the country joining the cultural and demographic changes that have come to define areas like Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights. 

In this episode of Third Rail Local, we ask what exactly do we know about how Airbnb is affecting the housing market and way of life in Central Brooklyn? Who stands to lose and who stands to gain?

Third Rail Eps 29: Race, Change and Central Brooklyn schools


Our conversation on this episode centers around race, change and Central Brooklyn schools-- where the personal meets the political. 


Faraji Hannah-Jones, Co-PTA President, P.S.307
Max Freedman, New School Graduate Student, Researching race and social change in NY’s public schools


1. The Political Stakes
Here we are exploring the political and racial dimensions in Central Brooklyn districts, including one next door to the Farragut Houses, on the outskirts of Forte Green. We'll look at what is at stake and the story of change that is impacting schools in this area.

2. The Personal Stakes
We discuss what is personally at stake for activist parents in Central Brooklyn who value both traditional public education and predominately black school environments.

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup