Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Local: BMC Origin Story


The New york Foundation partnered with StoryCorps, a national oral history project, to craft an interview series featuring former and current grantees, which included the Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC). In honor of The National Day of Listening, launched by StoryCorps, we are bringing you a conversation between BMC's first two staff members, Anthonine Pierre, Lead Organizer and Mark Winston Griffith, Executive Director.

Third Rail Eps 26: Store Frontin’

We take on the business of black-owned business in Central Brooklyn, by asking two local entrepreneurs what it takes to keep a storefront business alive? And what it means to be a black business owner and black consumer in the midst of gentrification?


Crystal Bobb-Semple, CEO, Camp Half Blood
Don Edwards, Co-owner, Locale Village Shop


1. What does it take for an entrepreneur to keep a storefront business alive in Central Brooklyn? We see stores come and go, but don’t know what they are dealing with. What is the day-to-day hustle of keeping a retail storefront business look like?

2. What does it mean to be a black business owner and black consumer in the midst of gentrification? Within every black-led movement, there are calls to "buy black," but as Central Brooklyn evolves is there black and white, or just green? 

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup