Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Local: Bedford Corners


On this first edition of "Third Rail Local," Brooklyn Deep Reporter, Monica Melton, join us to discuss her reporting on the northeast corner of Bedford Avenue and Fulton Street-- historically known as Bedford Corners. Head to Brooklyn Deep to read Monica's piece, told through four images of what is now 1205 Fulton Street, as well as compelling interviews with archivists and eyewitnesses to this history.

Third Rail Eps 22: The Politics of Parenting


On this month's Third Rail, we are tackling the politics of parenting. First by breaking down the differences between traditional public, charter, and private schools, and then by discussing the state of education organizing in Central Brooklyn.


Natasha Capers, NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
Mark Winston Griffith, Brooklyn Movement Center


1. Public vs. Charter vs. Private
One of the most important decisions parents have to make for their children is where to send them to school, and in today's educational landscape that means choosing between traditional public, charter, and private schools. We break down these differences and the implications of these choices for Central Brooklyn families.

2. The state of education organizing in Central Brooklyn
Organizing parents in Central Brooklyn's Community school district 16 was the first campaign the Brooklyn Movement Center tackled when it started in 2011, but the road to affecting change has not been easy. We discuss the needs and the challenges of organizing parents to take control of their children's schools in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights and other low-income and working-class neighborhoods of color.

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup