Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Express: Tell ‘Em Why You Mad XL


Tell 'Em Why You Mad XL: We're taking this occasion of our first anniversary to reflect on TEWYM. What makes us pick the things we share on air? What are we mad about today? And of course, what are YOU all mad about?

Third Rail Eps 18: Live Show!


Hosts: Third Rail Team

Aaron Freeman, Co-Host and Engineer, This Week in Blackness Radio
Anthonine Pierre, Lead Organizer, Brooklyn Movement Center
Mark Winston, Griffith Executive Director, Brooklyn Movement Center
Veralyn Williams, Communications Organizer, Brooklyn Movement Center


1. Our Favorite People: As organizers, we spend a lot of time complaining about the people we don't like... but what about the folk that enrich our work and keep us going? Listen in to hear us talk about our favorite white person, our favorite coalition, and our favorite landlord.

2. Our Favorite Shows: Yes, we're officially one year old! As we enter our second season of Third Rail, we look back on the episodes we liked the best. And we reveal who YOU picked to win the LIstener's Choice Award.

3. Audience Talkback: We talk at you all the time! This time, our live audience does the talking with real time questions and comments for the Third Rail crew.

Note: A full 30-minute "Tell em why you mad" will air next week as a “Third Rail Express”