Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Express: Calling out the New York Times

We react to TV critic Alessandra Stanley's critique of Shonda Rhimes in last Sunday's New York Times. We call out the "newspaper of record" for allowing Stanley to mis-analyze and reduce Rhime's complex Black women heroines to "Angry Black Women" stereotypes.

Third Rail Eps 12: Environmental Justice


Guest Hosts: 

Harvir Kaur, Food Sovereignty Organizer, BMC
Cynthia Moices, Environmental Justice Organizer, UPROSE


1. Green in A Vacuum: In the social justice world, why does environmental justice get marginalized? And where does it intersect with identities of race, class, and gender?

2. POC and Environmental Justice: Fights for environmental causes like climate change, healthy food and recycling are widely seen as a "white" fields. Are there really no people of color who care about the environment?

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup