Brooklyn Deep Third Rail

Third Rail Eps 9: Almost Brooklyn Summer


Guest Hosts: 

Aaron Freeman, Co-Host / Engineer of TWIB Radio & We Nerd Hard
Mark Winston Griffith, Executive Director, Brooklyn Movement Center


1. Is street harassment invisible to men?: The conversations we have with most men about street harassment involve a lot of shock, confusion and disbelief. The ones we have with people who experience harassment are full of camaraderie and the relief of finally being understood. What is the disconnect? Do men even see street harassment going down in Central Brooklyn?
Media: USA: Silent Allies by Joe Samalin

2. The Commodification of Brooklyn: Brooklyn has been bought and sold so much that it has become a defacto brand. It's not just real estate that's being sold; it's a lifestyle: move to Brooklyn and you'll become a trendy cyclist with floppy hair and an ambiguous ethnic background. How are characterizations of 2014 Brooklyn dangerous to the livelihood of longtime residents?
Media: Eight Guys You Might Meet in Brooklyn: An Illustrated Guide

3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup